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The engineering services offered by SAF & P are developed to meet the customer's specifications, guaranteeing quality and punctuality through careful planning of the project phases.

The ability to work in team with architects and engineers of other companies allows to enhance the human and technical resources possessed by the staff of SAF & P engineering, adopting the system of  " Integrated design"  as a methodological logic of engineering and architecture, at the basis of the sustainability of the project.

SAF & P since 1996 has been dedicated to the development of Expertise, Safety at Work, Construction Management and Design in Italy and abroad.

  • 1000 appraisals on real estate and movable assets

  • 20 years of experience in  job security

  • 300 Construction and construction management throughout Italy and abroad

  • 1000 Projects of plants and structures developed



Why use our services?

ANALYSIS Our team supports the customer from the initial feasibility analysis phase and document development.


PLANNING Our technicians elaborate the metric calculation and the project for the execution of the works.


DOCUMENT SUPPORT SAF & P will provide:

• Support for the formalities necessary to obtain the compliance visa and credit transfer.

• Support and control until the closing of the works

• Obtaining tax recognition.



Because  verify the seismic vulnerability of buildings?

The transfer of the credit or discount on the invoice to undertake a recovery intervention for the static safety of a property, represents a unique opportunity to secure the properties we occupy the current legislation has prepared a series of tax breaks.

Depending on the result obtained with the execution of the works, the seismic area in which the property is located and the type of building, different deductions are granted, and the deduction percentage can start from 65% and reach up to 85% or 110%.

Once the documentation has been completed, the option communication (discount on invoice or credit transfer) can be made.

Ask our company for information, we will be happy to help you in order to obtain the desired result. 



Why choose us?

SAF & P is able to carry out complex projects thanks to its professionals with skills ranging in different engineering sectors.


The architectural part, if not performed by our company, is entrusted to external professionals with many years of experience in the sector. SAF & P ensures certain times for the realization and execution of the project and is committed to the management of the construction site in the event of an assignment in the direction of the works.

Saf & P proposes:

• Structural and plant design

• Drafting of projects with BIM technology

• Project management with a BIM Manager

• Constant communication with the customer

• Risck Management project cost control

• Design verification and Project Manager


Because  develop an electrical and home automation project with us?  

SAF & P prepares the preliminary project, verifying the economic part:

• Identify an expense budget to refer to for the specific plant.

• Use components from selected brands.

• Chooses with the customer the components list to check the budget and cost control.

• Issues a project quality plan.

• Verify, review and validate the project in accordance with ISO 9001-RT21

• We direct your projects 



Because  to design active and passive systems for fire prevention and control?

SAF & P prepares, in close collaboration with the architecture team, the analysis and logics of access of the rescue teams and the exodus of the people present inside the enclosure, in the event of an emergency. It uses simulation software, capable of evaluating the maximum outflow time as a function of the actual fire propagation speed and as a function of the ignition point.  

We design and manufacture ACTIVE SYSTEMS  able to ensure the safety of people. that is to say:

• Spinkler systems,

• deluge and foam systems,

• co2 systems,

• argonite plants,

• vacuum systems

We choose, size and calculate the systems, using the most sophisticated software on the market.

We design and manufacture PASSIVE systems capable of ensuring the safety of people, namely:

• smoke and heat evacuators,

• automatic extinguishing systems.

• signaling and alarm devices, • evacuation plans,

• choice and certification of the materials used,

• staff training.

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