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Our experience and expertise allows us to accompany you along all stages of your investment.

Subsidized finance is the financial tool to support investments and develop business activities thanks to contributions and concessions.

To initiate and support the growth of an entrepreneurial project, EU legislation has prepared a series of public funding and / or subsidized finance instruments.

SAF & P has been operating in the industrial consultancy sector for over 20 years, and is the ideal partner to identify the most appropriate subsidy and allow companies to benefit from tax contributions, whether they are purely local or deriving from national or community regulations. .

Customers are guaranteed a thorough investigation, in the management of the financial flows that are generated by the planning or actual realization of an investment.



Why use subsidized finance?

To initiate and support the growth of an entrepreneurial project, EU legislation has prepared a series of public funding and / or subsidized finance instruments. To benefit from it, companies can view the tender and / or counter procedures that are periodically opened at national / regional / local level. The ultimate goal is to achieve a financial leverage that allows the company to focus on its business.

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Why use the R&D tax credit?

The tax credit allows companies to obtain recovery funds on taxation that give the possibility to activate R&D actions necessary to improve products and processes. We bring value to projects, through clear and concrete steps.

With this procedure, the costs faced by the company, both in terms of internal and external personnel and for the prototypes, can be deducted from the taxes due (VAT, IRPEF, etc ...).

SAF & P is active in research and development, availing itself, for over 20 years, of the support of Italian and foreign universities and research centers



Because  use industry 4.0?

A new industrial revolution has begun that will lead companies wishing to win the challenges of tomorrow, to adapt to a new way of conceiving production, in order to be more competitive on international markets.

The digitization of company information, the ability to view, monitor and know the data of the process, allow the entrepreneur to dedicate more time to business development and less to the internal organization which will be regulated by precise rules and monitored.

The ultimate goal of "Industry 4.0" is to achieve continuous improvement in performance at all levels and in all company areas.



Why choose our company?

Because our company promotes interventions aimed at supporting innovative tourism development projects that favor socio-economic growth processes in the beneficiary territories. Because we know the world of services and the activation of systems, including innovative and eco-sustainable ones, for tourist accommodation and the functional recovery of buildings and public spaces. Because we have a team with multidisciplinary skills able to support the administration from filling out the application to reporting.

The administration communicates its needs or the intervention it wants to carry out

1. We verify the feasibility and feasibility in accordance with what is reported in the announcement.

2. We collect the necessary technical and administrative documentation, supporting the technical offices of the administration.

3. We fill in the participation documents.

4. We write the '' draft '' for the approval determination.

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