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People are important to us, join our team.

Work with us

Our company 

SAF & P is a company with five  '' Business Unit '' able to cover everything necessary to manage and carry out ideas and projects.

We are company of  engineering and systems that integrates multidisciplinary experiences and skills to offer its customers a specialized, global and continuous support.

We make talent, skills and seriousness the essential access credentials to our company in order to always be able to build professionally close-knit teams that work synergistically for a common goal and be competitive and indispensable for customers.

If you feel you want to be part of our team, let us know your story, your experiences and your skills, send your CV for a spontaneous application to, or see which profiles we are looking for.

Compose your CV in  EURO PASS  

Consult the "Apprenticeship Agreements" that SAF has activated….


Areas of expertise


  • COLLABORATOR (Code Pos. 0943.2)


  • COLLABORATOR (Code Pos. 0943.2)

Senior Electrical Design Engineer

  • COLLABORATOR (Code Pos. 0943.2)

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