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SAF & P skills to improve your world 



The company Business Units are in fact areas of competence that are managed independently by the individual area managers, in order to obtain the maximum ratio between the quality of the service or product and the lowest economic impact on all company costs.  

Each individual manager will be able independently to allocate personnel to individual orders and obtain the maximum ratio between profitability and resource commitment.


The Businees units refer to the company commercial team and with this they organize the necessary actions to be able to develop market penetration.  

It will be the responsibility of the commercial to define the commercial resources to be deployed for each business unit according to the performance that each individual unit is able to develop. 

Facilitated finance

R&D credit

Industry 4.0

Territory development

Super bonus 110% 

Eco Sisma Bonus


Electrical System

Fire Plan

Technical expertise  

Check projects

Quality Management

Safety Global First



MyBee 4.0

Mybee Mantenance

MyBee Car


Our history  

'' since 1956 our company has developed projects in all sectors of consulting with 18 direct resources, we transform the world to make it more sustainable ''.  

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