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Finance your projects ...

SAF & P finances your projects 

SAF & P's '' smart '' solutions payable in installments

Finance your project  

SAF & P solutions can be financed, for a minimum value of at least 1500 euros.

To be able to take advantage of the loan, with a simplified procedure ready for you, request information that interests you and contact the company, we will contact you by one of our staff who will activate the loan.


Purchase amount equal to 1500 euros plus VAT - (VAT must be paid in advance) the installments for the sum exceeding the VAT, for 1500 euros, can be paid according to these methods:

Formula Free: (without interest)

1500 for 5 months € 300 * for each month starting 30 days from the order.

Slow monitoring formula:

1500 for months 10 euros 155 * euros for each month starting 30 days from the order.


1500 for months 15 euro 111 * euro for each month starting 30 days from the order.

* The examples shown are for explanatory purposes only and do not constitute a commitment on the part of the company Maniola Smart Sensing srl  

New ways of thinking about consultancy, using subsidized finance and European financial levers

SAF & P develops Research and Development Projects, designed to make you recover development costs and allow you to obtain prototypes and systems capable of being placed on the market

If you are interested in using our consultancy, you can use our software in rent, with the `` Rent to Buy '' formula, in this way you can use our verticalized software for your company and check its effectiveness.

In the event of a return, you will have simply rented the system, otherwise, you can redeem it.

The conditions for the '' Rent to Buy '' can be viewed on the dedicated page. 

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