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Transition 4.0 is an opportunity they can access  all companies.


we design the most sustainable path for you, in compliance with national and international standards 


We develop everything you need from Hardware to Software to qualify for all tax relief. 


The new National Transition Plan 4.0 is the first brick on which the Italian Recovery Fund is founded. The investment consists of approximately 24 billion euros for a measure that becomes structural and sees the strengthening of all the deduction rates and an important advance in the times of use.

The new National Transition Plan 4.0 has two fundamental objectives:

  • Stimulate private investment;

  • Give companies stability and certainty with measures that take effect from November 2020 to June 2023.


Investments made from November 16, 2020 to December 31, 2022, or by June 30, 2023, provided that the order is accepted by December 31, 2022 and a deposit of at least 20% of the purchase cost of the asset is paid , for:


1. Capital goods

whose operation is controlled by computerized systems or managed by suitable sensors and drives (machine tools; robots, collaborative robots and multi-robot systems; machines, tools and devices for loading and unloading, handling, weighing and automatic sorting;

automated lifting and handling devices;

AGVs and flexible conveying and handling systems ;


automated warehouses . To differentiate the "4.0 machines" (hyper amortized) from the standard ones (super amortized), 5 mandatory and 2 additional criteria must be respected (so-called 5 + 2);


2. Systems for quality and sustainability assurance (measurement systems; monitoring; marking and traceability; labeling, identification or marking; filters and treatment and recovery systems for water, air, oil, chemicals, dust with reporting);


3. Devices for man-machine interaction and for the improvement of ergonomics and safety of the workplace in a "4.0" logic (benches and workstations; lifting-translation;  wearable devices, communication equipment; augmented reality and virtual reality devices; HMI)

Intangible assets,  software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications

connected to investments in "Industry 4.0" tangible assets (EDM, PDM, PLM, Big Data Analytics systems; intra-factory communication systems, fieldbus / fieldbus, SCADA systems, MES systems, CMMS systems;


innovative solutions with characteristics attributable to IoT and / or cloud computing paradigms);


Industrial Internet of Things (cybersystem and cybersecurity).


From November 16, 2020, ordinary intangible assets are also allowed:

software not 4.0  with a surcharge in the case of technological tools and devices for smart working.


Elaboration in collaboration with the client company of the administrative and substantial actions for the development of the TRANSITION 4.0 project with the integration of new machinery in the production process.


You can ask for information on integration software and on obtainable concessions.

New ways of thinking about intelligent infrastructure

We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that intuitively responds to people's needs and helps customers achieve their business goals in the most sustainable way.

In the Finance section it is possible to request specific advice regarding the methods of purchasing our services and the operating leasing methods activated by SAF & P.

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