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Code Pos. 0943.5

what are we looking for? 

Experienced people, the opportunity to play a leading role, as head of the Business unit,  you will have the opportunity to develop your attitudes within a young and dynamic reality that allows motivated resources to express all their personal potential.

who we are looking for  ?

Motivated and concrete people, ready to get involved who want to start an experience at the head of a business unit, full of satisfactions.

Engineering degree, with experience in Research and Development, Facilitated Finance  and experience in academia. 

At least five years of experience in an engineering firm or subsidized finance firm, with documentation  documented in which the candidate has learned the ability to participate and coordinate a work group, finalizing it to the  Research and development. The company  is a partner of zucchetti software  and provides for real field actions on the possibility of seeing software and hardware implemented.

Within three months, the candidate will be at the head of a structure of about 5 people, the role reports directly to the board of directors and to the administrator.

The figure is part of a technical, commercial and planning task. He will be responsible for the specific Business Unit;  will have spending autonomy within a budget,  for the choice of external consultants and purchases dedicated to the order;  he will also have to plan the necessary actions to be able to achieve the economic objectives established by the administrator, plan the orders and coordinate the resources.  


Knowledge of the English language

Professional use of tools from the OFFICE package, project Management knowledge, use of software for GANTT and CRM and PRM.  

what we offer ? 

A permanent contract,  with  economic incentives to achieve the established quarterly objectives.

We offer you the opportunity to start a collaboration with a dynamic company that is able to offer its services in  ITALY and abroad.

The professional figure sought will have to give the availability to transfers to other corporate offices in Rome and Milan for a maximum of two days in a sporadic manner.   

Send your application by asking:

  • a telephone appointment

  • by sending an email with your qualifications and a CV

  • indicating in the request which options you want to activate

Send your email to  

Offer valid until 10.08.2021

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