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Politics and Ethics

Treat our people with honesty and fairness. To enable them to conduct themselves honestly and act with integrity in all our business dealings by making a commitment to provide the customer with the best product and the most efficient service.
Implement best practices and raise awareness of the ethical standards we demand of our people.

Maintain a code of conduct and training program for all of our employees in the BUSINESS UNIT sectors. Maintain procedures so as not to engage in unethical behavior or illegal practices.
Implement systems that support our duty of confidentiality and respect privacy in all our business relationships.
Support any staff member with legitimate concerns to challenge unethical behavior and respond appropriately. Participate in appropriate sectoral initiatives to promote business integrity.
Work with customers, partners and collaborators with due consideration that their ethical commitments are consistent with ours.
Keep our ISO 9001 systems and procedures under periodic review to confirm that they remain relevant and proportionate.

This policy is established by the Board of Directors and the CEO and implemented in all SAF & P operations through rules, procedures and guidelines. It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate.
The CEO acts for SAF & P
  in developing a plan that will enable us to achieve the objectives set out in this policy while complying with applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements.
"... we should act honorably in our dealings with our co-workers and other people."

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